Mathematics on the web

Mathematical resources
AMS, Math on the Web, MSC 2000,
EMIS, Math-Net, MathGuide,
Math Archives (University of Tennessee),
Mathematics Virtual Library (Florida State),
The Mathematical Atlas (Northern Illinois),
Massoud Malek's colourful pages (Hayward),,
Erik Weisstein's World of Mathematics,
Jim Richardson's MathSearch (Sydney)

Preprint Archives
Groups, Representations and Cohomology,
Bielefeld SFB 343, Max Planck Institute,
Front end for the xxx archives - arXiv
AMS Preprints, MathN Broker (Germany),
Electronic Library of Mathematics (EMS),
K-theory, Hopf Topology archives,
Prépublications et thèses at IRMA Strasbourg

Electronic Library of Mathematics, JSTOR,
Journal of Algebra - Contents - Elsevier Maths,
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra - Contents,
Journal of Group Theory - de Gruyter Journals,
Communications in Algebra (Taylor & Francis),
Linear and Multilinear Algebra (Taylor & Francis)
Algebras and Representation Theory,
Algebra Colloquium - Springer Link, GDZ,
Representation Theory - AMS Journals,
J. of Algebra and Its Applications - World Sci,
Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie,
Algebra and Discrete Mathematics (Ukraine),
Theory and Applications of Categories

Elsevier Science, Marcel Dekker,
Springer, Birkhäuser, de Gruyter,
Pearson Education, CUP, OUP

Web of Science - ISI Trial - Thomson ISI,
Organize references with the ProCite sofware

Mathematics competitions and K12
Int Math Competition for University Students,
International Science Olympiads,
National and International Math Olympiads,
German Olympiads, American Competitions,
Mathematical Association of America (MAA),
International Math Talent Search (high school),
Middle School: Olympiad, Mathcounts, Abacus,
International Hungarian Math Olympiads,
Kozepiskolai Matematika es Fizika Lapok,
Matematika Hatarok Nelkul,
Naoki Sato's pages, Hans Vernaeve's pages,
Google, Yahoo listings of math competitions,
Mathematics Competitions (Math Archives),
Problems of the Soviet competitions 1961-1986,
Alexander Bogomolny's Puzzles Page,
Math Forum, MathPages

Informatics competitions
International Computer Science Olympiads,
American Computer Science League,
USA Computing Olympiad, Magyar Versenyek,
French Informatics Olympiad,
ACM Int Collegiate Programming Contest

Groups, Algebras, Representations
FDLIST - Repres theory of finite dimensional algebras
Group Pub Forum (G.C. Smith),
Broué's Abelian Defect Group Conjecture (J. Rickard)
Results on Dade's Conjectures (J.B. Olsson),
ATLAS of finite group representations (R. A. Wilson),
New York Group Theory Cooperative,
Lists: Brian Boe - Allen Bell - Øyvind Solberg
Category Theory: Bob Roesbrugh, M. Alsani

Programs, European TMR-networks:
Algebraic Lie Representations 1.11.1997-31.10.02,
Invariants and Representations of Algebras
K-Theory, Linear Algebraic Groups 1.10.02-30.09.06,
LIEGRITS - Lie Repres Theory 01.02.04-31.01.08
Group representation theory, Lausanne, Jan-June 05,
Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry 01.02.04-31.01.08,
Algebras, Repres and Appl 01.01.04-31.12.06

Algebra Research Teams
Paris - Jussieu/Chevaleret, Groupes Finis,
Théorie des groupes, représentations et applications,
Strasbourg - IRMA,
Jena - Chair of Algebra,
Aachen - Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik,
Bielefeld - Representation Theory and SFB 343,
Essen - Institut für Experimentelle Mathematik,
Hamburg - Algebraic Transformation Groups,
Stuttgart - Fakultät für Mathematik,
München - Mathematisches Institut,
Aarhus - Department of Mathematics,
Trondheim - Algebra and Representation Theory,
Torun - Wydzia Matematyki i Informatyki,
Leicester - Pure Mathematics - BLOC
Oxford - Algebra Research Group,
Cambridge - Centre for Mathematical Sciences,
Bristol - University of Bristol,
Leeds - Algebra Group,
London - Queen Mary and Westfield College,
Glasgow - Department of Mathematics,
Aberdeen - Department of Mathematics,
Antwerp - Department of Mathematics,
Hasselt - Limburgs Universitair Centrum,
Murcia - Grupo de Anillos,
Chicago - Department of Mathematics - UIC Math,
Urbana-Champaign - Algebra,
Northwestern - Mathematics,
Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Mathematics - Algebra
Athens, Georgia - Algebra Research Group,
University of Southern California - Algebra,
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México - Algebra
Lomonosov Moscow State University - Algebra

History of Math: MacTutor St Andrews, Clark,
The Mathematics Genealogy Project,
Mathematical logic resources (Bonn),
Mathematical Quotations Server,
Computational Geometry: J. Erickson, D. Eppstein,
Topology atlas (Nipissing Univ, North Bay, Ontario)

Departments and Institutes
AMS List, Germany, UK,
Oberwolfach, Luminy,
Cambridge, Berkeley, Rényi

Mathematical Societies

Research Funding
AvH, DAAD, DFG, Volkswagen-Stiftung,
European Union, CEEPUS, CEU, MTA,
IIE, CIES, Fulbright,

GAP - Groups, Algorithms & Programming,
MAGMA - Computational Algebra Group (Sydney),
CHEVIE - Groups of Lie type, Iwahori-Hecke algebras,
Symmetrica - Group representation theory (Bayreuth),
MAGNUS - Computational group theory (New York),
Jon Carlson's Group Cohomology Calculations,
CREP - Combinatorial REPresentation theory,
MuPAD - Symbolic computations (Paderborn),
[[|SINGULAR]] - Polynomial Computations (Kaiserslautern),
CoCoA - Commutative Algebra (Genova),
//Macaulay 2// - Algebraic geometry (Urbana-Champaign),
KANT/KASH - Algebraic Number Theory (TU Berlin),
PARI / GP - Number theory (Bordeaux, Paris XI),
SIMATH - Number theory (Saarbruecken),
Polymake - Polytopes and polyhedra (TU Berlin),
REDLOG - Computer logic system (Passau),
Maple® - Waterloo Maple,
//Mathematica®// - Wolfram Research, - Technical computing portal

Number Theory Pages
The nth prime page - Get the nth prime,
The Mersenne Prime Search,
Information on Fermat's Last Theorem,
The prime page - Prime number resources,
The number theory web,
HotBits - random number generator,
Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

Cryptology & Privacy
SSH - Cryptography A-2-Z,
Roger Clarke's Crypto pages (ANU),
Francis Litterio's Crypto pages,
Rivest's Cryptography and Security links,
Pretty Good Privacy - Company - MIT,
Counterpane Internet Security
Advanced Encryption Standard
The National Security Agency,
Cryptography - Austinlinks
Privacy, EPIC, ICSA, AntiOnline
Information Security,
Quantum computing lectures